launches its new range of NGB-System

For more than four years

Poietis has been invested in the development of the NGB 4D bioprinting platform to meet development and production needs of human biological tissues. We are thus involved in three target markets : in vitro tissue models as an alternative to animal experimentation in dermo-cosmetics, pharmaceutical research and regenerative medecine.

We aim to establish a new standard in living tissue manufacturing by enabling users, researchers and clinicians, to design and bioprint tissues with cellular resolution.

With this commercial launch, we truly want to provide tissue engineering stakeholders with new bioprinting solutions covering all needs, from research in biology and bioengineering to the production of clinical batches.

NGB-R platform

A multimodal 4D laser bioprinter

This new bioprinting platform NGB offers promising pespectives as the clinical and industrial applications of regenerative medecine are growing, when conventional methods of tissue engineering are still limited regarding standardization of manufacturing processes and in the functionality of tissues produced.

Indeed, largely inspired by the principles of the 4.0 Industry, this new platform integrates automation and robotics technologies, coupled with numerous online sensors - including cell microscopy - and Artificial Intelligence processing. In addition, it now integrates all bioprinting techniques (laser, extrusion, inkjet by micro-valve), a world's first in the bioprinting market.

NGB-R Platform

The NGB-R platform

NGB-R is a new generation, multimodal and high-end, 4D bioprinting system developed and designed specifically for tissue engineers, researchers and biologists.

Combining laser-assisted, micro-valve and extrusion bioprinting, it enables true versatility of bioprinting (from cell to spheroids) and offers the possibility of using a large number of biomaterials and hydrogels.

NGB-R includes an embedded microscope for in-line cell printing monitoring and relies on a complete software suite for managing bioprinting protocols, from biological CAD to data analysis of manufacturing.

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